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Case Studies

To setup global semiconductor R&D center

A large technology company was planning to setup global semiconductor R&D center. However, it struggled to find right talent for close to 18 months

Han RPO Helps Telecom Startup Set Up R&D Team

A Telecom Startup was looking for a partner to help setup its R&D center in India. The Startup was setting up its shop for the first time in India.

Han RPO Helps Technology Giant Hire 85 Employees Ahead Of Ne...

Software technology giant was setting up a new offshore team around PLM skills. Han RPO was called upon to fill 85 positions over a 6-month period

Han RPO Helps Digital Startup Double Headcount In 90 Days

A Digital Marketing Startup was looking for a partner to help double its headcount from 15 employees to 30 employees. During the first one year of founding, this Startup hired through referrals, freel...

How to hire diversity leaders in India?

A large technology company planned to hire 52 diversity leaders globally. These leaders would engage clients on important delivery assignments.