To setup global semiconductor R&D center

Written by Abhishek on Nov 22, 2017

Problem Statement :

A large technology company was planning to setup global semiconductor R&D center. However, it struggled to find right talent for close to 18 months. During the first 18 months of founding, this company hired through referrals and job ads. The non-traditional approaches proved to be unreliable and inconsistent. The company did not have a dedicated internal recruitment team. As the business grew and they acquired new clients, they found it challenging to take a more strategic approach in attracting talent.

Approach :

Han Digital conducted a systematic client analysis and listed down the objectives and priority areas to be addressed. A custom hiring solution was proposed and implemented to help the tech company meet its talent demands. This included an employer pitch to attract passive candidates. A dedicated hiring team led by a senior manager drove a dedicated campaign. The team comprised of recruiters certified in hiring for semi-conductor technologies. Han Digital advised on a number of factors, including compensation, to ensure that the R&D team was strategically positioned to attract talent.

Outcome :

Han Digital was successfully able to help the company set up its R&D center in Bangalore. Han Digital helped hire more than 90 percent on the Semiconductor R&D talent for more than 5 years. As a result, the company was able to set up four more R&D centers within the Technology Engineering space.

Han Digital has successfully worked with multiple Product Engineering companies. We have covered the end to end requirements in the Semi-Conductor space including

1. Compact Modeling

2. Computational Lithography

3. Characterization

4. Nano Technologies

5. Layout Design

6. Physical Design

7. Circuit Design