Han RPO Helps Telecom Startup Set Up R&D Team

Written by Abhishek on Nov 22, 2017

Problem Statement :

A Telecom Startup was looking for a partner to help setup its R&D center in India. The Startup was setting up its shop for the first time in India.

The Startup did not have any liaison office or dedicated internal recruitment team. While they were clear on India as a location, they found it challenging to take a more strategic approach in attracting talent.


Through a systematic approach involving discussions with global leaders, Han RPO listed down the objectives and priority areas to be addressed. Local talent mapping and a custom RPO solution was proposed and implemented to help the Startup meet its talent demands. A team comprised of recruiters certified in hiring for telecom startups was setup. Han RPO advised on a number of factors, including compensation, to ensure that the Startup was strategically positioned to attract talent.

Outcome :

Han RPO was successfully able to help the Startup successfully bring 10 candidates onboard in the first 60 days. As a result, the Startup was able to convince its investors on its India strategy. Once the new team was in place, the Startup was able to position itself as a preferred employer in the job market.