Han RPO Helps Technology Giant Hire 85 Employees Ahead Of New Project

Written by Abhishek on Nov 22, 2017

Problem Statement :

A Software technology giant was setting up a new offshore team around PLM skills. Han RPO was called upon to fill 85 positions over a 6-month period. The client had already received over 400 applications before they approached us. This left us with limited options, not be mention difficulty in sourcing and attracting new candidates.


Han RPO ran a custom RPO solution tailored to hire the target number with the specified time for its new project. This included

 1. Multi-channel strategy to attract, retain and onboard candidates

 2.Employer branding and constant candidate communications across all touchpoints

 3. Quick and effective assessment methods

 4. Timely offer releases and on-board assistance


Successfully hired 85 candidates from among 738 applicants. Achieved 83% offer – onboard thanks to the constant communication and close follow-up with all candidates. Employer branding and multi-channel sourcing strategies helped in the overall success. Han RPO was able to fill all positions in a cost-effective and time-bound manner for its client.