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Recruitment Solution

The Strategic Talent Sourcing team aims to provide support to the client’s strategic business and HR objectives. This is a strategic sourcing model that will complement the current recruitment model now and into the future by sizing the market, focusing on targeting, engaging, tracking, assessing and eventually acquiring talent for the company.

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Recruitment consulting

Our RPO solutions serves as a recruitment engine for your company’s hiring engagements. This model supports end-to- end or one or more components of your recruitment function. More than 80% of CEOs in India perceive availability of key skills or skill gaps a major concern. As startups and mid-sized companies grow, they face challenges in attracting and retaining talent.

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Talent Consulting

By compiling and assimilating market data on skills, talent, company and compensation, we help clients create a recruiting asset. This will help them better focus their recruiting efforts, save money and time by shortening the candidate generation cycle and serve as a ready-made candidate pool for future recruiting efforts.

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Talent acquisition

By leveraging result oriented and proven methodologies, solutions are designed to achieve outcomes that are set by our clients. We also leverage our knowledge and experience for better insight of global best practices that will fix short and long-term problems quickly and effectively.

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Why Us

Paving the way towards a Global Talent Advisory Firm

Our vision is to become “the talent partner of choice” to every client whom we work with.

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Han Digital is all about Talent. We work with clients to build Talent Strategies with Implementation and ownership. Our insights help leaders make better decisions on finding and hiring talent.

Han Digital is India’s foremost provider of IT-BPM talent intelligence. We help our clients understand the Information Technologies’ Talent Landscape. We offer customised solutions in Talent Fulfillment across all levels of maturity. Our clients include the biggest names in the technology space.

We foster an environment of continuous knowledge sharing. This enables us to push beyond the latest market trends and practices.


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Startup Hiring

A startup’s biggest hiring challenge is timing. Startups have excitement, they have challenge, and they normally self-select for people who want those things. Timing is hard. In the early days of a startup when you have very limited time/resources, you need to strike a great balance between hiring someone for position need versus hiring someone that’s great regardless of position. If you’re stuck

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