Talent consulting

Your improvement continuum

The impact of talent on an organization’s performance or growth cannot be debated. To fully pursue your organisation’s strategy and deliver the growth agenda, you need an HR function that can play your talent strategy and access and leverage the most fit-for-purpose tools, processes and approaches.

We help you to develop and refresh your existing people strategies, working in partnership with you to focus on the activities that are central to successfully attracting, onboarding and retaining talent, balancing your immediate and long-term needs.

Working systemically, we consider the systems, capabilities and processes you need to deliver your people strategy, and the effectiveness of your existing talent, resourcing and development functions.This can be in the areas of:

What should be the key companies to hire from?

What should be my candidate sourcing model?

What are the star attractions that the marketplace in general offers as employers?

What compensation can be termed as competitive for a skill / experience combination?

What are the star attractions that the marketplace in general offers as employers?

Do you have a hiring strategy that works

If you are not sure or are exploring options to outsource your recruitment process, choosing the right RPO solution should be your first step. Read how Han Digital helped a Digital startup company.

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What skillsets are emerging in the marketplace and what demand do they witness?

Where to people go after leaving an organization and what do they do exactly?

This gives you a clear view of all the areas you need to address to achieve your aims. This can include the supporting systems and processes that underpin your succession planning and ensure you have sufficient bench strength.

Our work helps you to understand market dynamics and be responsive enough to bring about a real change, so you keep pace with the rapidly changing expectations of a new generation of employees and customers.

Our need-based consulting approach enables you to select the most appropriate delivery model to suit your requirements best. We do as much or as little as you want us to, so we can take on the entire project or work in a modular fashion in partnership with you.