How to hire diversity leaders in India?

Written by Abhishek on Nov 22, 2017

Executive Summary :

A large technology company planned to hire 52 diversity leaders globally. These leaders would engage clients on important delivery assignments. The company approached Han Digital to guide them on this initiative. The aim was to gain an understanding of diversity candidate landscape. The insights gain would help in hiring decisions.

Challenges :

Women were under-represented at this company. The company evaluated the diversity of its leadership team on a proactive basis. Thus, it wanted to address diversity challenges. The client is a global company with varied stakeholders. Hence most efforts at hiring diversity leaders failed due to unprecedented complexity. This was due to lack of clarity on talent availability. They struggled to put their commitment to practice.

How Han Digital Helped

Han Digital conducted a systematic client analysis. This detailed analysis helped us to list down the objectives and priority areas. We undertook a custom candidate mapping strategy based on a 10x approach. In this, we mapped 500+ women leaders who matched our client requirements. Later we proposed a solution and implemented it to help the client meet its talent demands. This included an employer pitch to attract passive candidates. 271 women leaders expressed interest in our client opportunities. Han Digital advised on several factors, including compensation. This strategic approached ensured that the client could attract talent with success.

Results :

Han RPO was successfully able to help the client hire 52 women leaders. Thus, the client could further the gender parity. The company’s commitment to gender diversity received much needed impetus. It became a preferred employer of choice for women candidates.

Han Digital has successfully worked with multiple diversity engagements

1. Helped hire for more than 160 positions from entry level to leadership positions

2. Reduced the average cost to onboard women candidates by more than 47% compared to typical agency fees for individual search

3. Reduced the average time to hire by 51% for general roles and by 15% for niche skills using custom models