Our Strength

Executive and Leadership Hiring

Having the right leaders for your organization may be the most critical driver of success. Executive Search Practice is primarily focuses on Board and CXO level leadership hiring. We help organizations elevate their workforce with sucession planning and leadership development


While companies hired Leaders for specific roles at Executive levels in the past, the future of work trends indicate that Leaders with multi-functional capabilities who oversee both verticals and horizontals of a business have a higher chance of being relevant . Constant pressure to decrease costs and increase productivity and diversity , has been the root cause of this trend

Low availability of Business Leaders in a limited pool has made it challenging for both Start-ups and Multinational firms to establish , build and nurture their Executive teams in a fast paced economy

Han Digital has positioned itself as a key facilitator to map this Leadership Talent from across India , APAC , US and EMEA regions . We do this by building Talent Intelligence Reports on respective positions to understand the market availability and candidate pipeline


Han Digital focuses on understanding the business strategy, domain and culture of the firm to find the right Leadership talent

A unique Research practice helps us to acquire a detailed perspective of the talent range available across targeted segments, functions and fortes . This enables us to provide insights to clients on trends and comparative compensation structures . We aim to deliver value to each client we associate with and build diverse people organizations.