Our Strength

Executive and Leadership Hiring

Having the right leaders for your organization may be the most critical driver of success. Executive Search Practice is primarily focuses on Board and CXO level leadership hiring. We help organizations elevate their workforce with sucession planning and leadership development


While companies hired Leaders for specific roles at Executive levels in the past, the future of work trends indicate that Leaders with multi-functional capabilities who oversee both verticals and horizontals of a business have a higher chance of being relevant . Constant pressure to decrease costs and increase productivity and diversity , has been the root cause of this trend

Low availability of Business Leaders in a limited pool has made it challenging for both Start-ups and Multinational firms to establish , build and nurture their Executive teams in a fast paced economy

Han Digital has positioned itself as a key facilitator to map this Leadership Talent from across India , APAC , US and EMEA regions . We do this by building Talent Intelligence Reports on respective positions to understand the market availability and candidate pipeline


Han Digital focuses on understanding the business strategy, domain and culture of the firm to find the right Leadership talent

A unique Research practice helps us to acquire a detailed perspective of the talent range available across targeted segments, functions and fortes . This enables us to provide insights to clients on trends and comparative compensation structures . We aim to deliver value to each client we associate with and build diverse people organizations.


Strategic Role Profiling: We don't just fill positions; we match leadership roles with precision. By partnering closely with our clients, we delve deep into the organizational fabric to truly understand leadership requirements and the nuances of each role. This dedication ensures that every placement is strategic and value-driven.

Confidential Search: In the high-stakes world of leadership hiring, discretion is paramount. We offer a search process that ensures complete confidentiality, allowing our clients the freedom to explore options without compromise. This approach fosters trust, forming the foundation of our long-term client relationships.

Cultural Fit Assessment: A leader's success isn't just about the skills listed on a CV. Our dedicated team spends considerable time understanding the culture of each organization, ensuring that candidates are evaluated for alignment with company values and ethos. This holistic perspective ensures lasting placements that resonate with company culture.


Market Mapping: The landscape of talent is vast and complex. We employ advanced methodologies to identify the talent landscape, pinpointing potential candidates who fit the leadership mold perfectly. Our detailed mapping process provides a competitive edge in sourcing premium talent.

Candidate Engagement: Building trust is at the heart of leadership recruitment. Our team engages potential hires, building strong relationships rooted in transparency and respect. This approach ensures not just a hire, but a mutually beneficial, enduring partnership.

Evaluation & Shortlisting: Our evaluation process goes beyond the norm. By leveraging proprietary tools and methodologies, we ensure a rigorous assessment that sifts out only the best for shortlisting. Our meticulous processes guarantee that only the most aligned and qualified candidates reach the final stages.

Onboarding Support: Transitioning to a leadership role can be challenging. We provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth onboarding, facilitating the integration of candidates seamlessly into their new roles. Our commitment doesn't end at placement; we're dedicated to ensuring long-term success.


Industry Experts: Leadership nuances vary from industry to industry. Our consultants aren't just recruitment experts; they specialize in specific sectors, bringing a depth of understanding unmatched in the industry. Their insights drive our ability to find leaders who resonate with industry-specific challenges and opportunities.

Global Network: With a database that spans the globe, our clients have access to a vast network of top-tier professionals, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the search for the perfect candidate. This global outreach translates to diverse and culturally competent leadership placements.

Tech-Driven Approach: In today's digital age, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology, ensuring that our search process is efficient, accurate, and in sync with the modern world. This tech-forward methodology ensures agility and precision in all our searches.


Dedicated Consultants: Our commitment is evident in the dedication of our consultants. Leading each search are seasoned professionals, deeply passionate about the success of every client engagement. Their personal investment in each search reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Collaborative Approach: At Han Digital, collaboration isn't just a buzzword. We truly believe in walking side-by-side with your leadership, functioning as an integrated extension of your team, every step of the way. This synergy ensures a seamless process and aligned visions for future growth.

Track Record: Our legacy speaks for itself. With decades of experience under our belt, we pride ourselves on a track record of consistently placing transformative leaders in some of the world's most premier organizations. Each successful placement adds to our story of commitment and unmatched expertise.