Talent Mapping

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How talent mapping can help you find the best resources!

Gone are the days when HR managers recruited random job-seekers after sifting through classifieds and other registered job portals. In this era of competition, finding the right talent for a suitable requirement is the norm. Without right talent, the given tasks and assignments are far from being achieved. Thus, seeking the right talent has become an ethical practice of most HR managers. However, the challenge lies in finding the right talent. Many recruiters terribly fail at finding the right talent for a requirement. This is because the art of locating suitable candidates or talent mapping is a skill developed only by experienced talent researchers.

Talent mapping is no ordinary skill. It requires a great deal of patience and endurance because talent researchers take into consideration every bit of information before presenting the full picture. Talent researchers have an eye for detail and are able to map talent through various tools and strategies. The mastery of talent mapping lies in how well a researcher is able to follow industry trends, keep up with dynamism and novel career opportunities.

Talent Mapping Techniques

Since talent mapping is a professional skill, it is only practiced by specialists or hiring agents as they are solely devoted to the art of recruitment and human resources. Therefore, MNCs and start-ups are unable to locate perfect talent unless they have a special talent mapping and research cell, which is nothing but an additional cost to company.

Talent mapping helps companies in various ways. Initially MNCs and start-ups refrain from investing in such secondary recruitment activities due to its expensive modules and features. However, talent managers must realise that investing in such activities can help organisations increase their revenue to its max.

Mapping of talent is a great determiner of niche hiring. For instance, if a company is into hiring DevOps engineers, talent mapping can help them find potential sources through which they can recruit experts.

Passive hiring is a difficult task which is only used to hire leaders and other experts. Recruiters find it hard to source such candidates. Here is where talent mapping steps in. Since, mapping of talent involves research and thorough analysis of job roles, it becomes easy to locate such candidates. Besides the strategies involved can also help hiring managers to recruit the best talent.

Talent Supply Mapping

Our talent supply mapping services have evolved to a plethora of needs identified by our clients including

Risk mitigation and contingency planning, mainly for senior executive roles

Market mapping of high demand / short supply job groups or scarce skill areas

Gender mapping in response to workplace gender equality drivers

Market intelligence gathering on competit

On demand - Custom Research

Be it market intelligence on market skills, candidate availability, compensation and locations, we strive to provide research inputs working with our team, they now own a comprehensive Talent Map that will be used not only for recruiting purposes but also provides market intelligence to inform their own Talent Management Practices.

C&B Benchmarking

We help clients use their internal job descriptions for various roles to match and identify the external market median compensation. In this, we also identify the minimum and maximum compensation range for each benchmark position by Company / company type (Peer / Aspirational). With this, clients are able to take informed decisions on compensation corrections for motivating and retaining employees as per market standards.

What does our Talent research do?

Map Competitive advantage in Human Capital by Company, Skills and Location

Help establish business strategies by defining workforce goals and align employees to achieve these goals

Helps identify hard to replace resources and build a retention strategy

Have a greater degree of workforce metrics which help executives understand the existing skills gaps and build a plan to bridge gaps

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