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Recruit the best resources through talent analytics

Contemporary recruitment has been elevated to the next level of advancement – which is by the use of talent analytics to find possible solutions to hiring. The scope of recruitment has changed completely. It is no longer a management activity that involves hiring and sourcing, but more of relative and absolute research in diverse areas of recruitment and Human Resources (HR) management.

Talent analytics a predictive measurement tool employed by many recruiters these days for understanding various aspects of recruitment. The accuracy of results generated by such measurement tools is a great determiner of progress and success in an organisation. These tools allow recruiters to understand and develop newer and unique methodologies to expand, develop and nurture their talent acquisition activities.

HR Talent Analytics

To understand Recruitment is a task in itself. It is challenging and requires a great amount of endurance while solving hiring issues. However, the highly advanced talent analytics enables recruiters to solve recruitment issues in a jiffy. The innate internal mechanisms and software used to build these tools assist hiring managers in taking the right decision — in which the chances of deciding on a choice through probability is ruled out.

Talent analytics is a tool that is highly beneficial for generating answers to recruitment problems related to attrition, employee engagement and candidate management. If closely noticed, these domains are closely interrelated.

Attrition in a company is quite common and recruiters are constantly discussing, gathering at conferences to find a final solution to reduce it. Attrition has always been to the fore and has baffled the best of HR managers, perhaps even made organisations to rethink on their recruitment strategies. HR scholars have initiated several theories to reduce the phenomenon and suggested to change work-space patterns. However, in such complex and untimely situations, talent analytics has proved to be a blessing in disguise.

Talent analytics not only derives solutions to reduce attrition but also solves problems related to employee engagement and candidate management. Several talent analytics measurement tools are custom maid to suit recruiter’s requirements. Through such measurement tools, one can generate, evaluate and get a deeper understanding of employees work, interest levels and future course of action.

Similarly, through talent analytics, a recruiter can also rethink on talent acquisition strategies and training modules that help new talent remain in the organisation for a longer period of time.

Talent Supply Mapping

Our talent supply mapping services have evolved to a plethora of needs identified by our clients including

Risk mitigation and contingency planning, mainly for senior executive roles

Market mapping of high demand / short supply job groups or scarce skill areas

Gender mapping in response to workplace gender equality drivers

Market intelligence gathering on competit

On demand - Custom Research

Be it market intelligence on market skills, candidate availability, compensation and locations, we strive to provide research inputs working with our team, they now own a comprehensive Talent Map that will be used not only for recruiting purposes but also provides market intelligence to inform their own Talent Management Practices.

C&B Benchmarking

We help clients use their internal job descriptions for various roles to match and identify the external market median compensation. In this, we also identify the minimum and maximum compensation range for each benchmark position by Company / company type (Peer / Aspirational). With this, clients are able to take informed decisions on compensation corrections for motivating and retaining employees as per market standards.

What does our Talent research do?

Map Competitive advantage in Human Capital by Company, Skills and Location

Help establish business strategies by defining workforce goals and align employees to achieve these goals

Helps identify hard to replace resources and build a retention strategy

Have a greater degree of workforce metrics which help executives understand the existing skills gaps and build a plan to bridge gaps

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