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3 tips to improvise your talent acquisition strategies

Over the years recruitment has undergone a tremendous amount of change and revolution. Recruitment is not only limited to hiring but also entails a range of managerial activities that assist organisation to achieve better and much efficiently. One of the prime activities of recruitment is talent acquisition. This activity forms the core of recruitment as it involves acquiring talent, candidate management and other crucial activities that would help the company to develop a highly engaging work culture and brand image.

However, with intense competition prevalent in the industry, acquiring the best talent has become almost a challenge to most recruiters. Due to many industries cropping up in the region, talent acquisition has transitioned into a multi-directional approach. It has evolved into a ball game of many diverse strategies that benefit recruiters in sourcing, screening and acquiring talent.

Here are 3 tips that you might benefit as a talent acquisition manager:

Social media presence:

With the advent of time, recruitment as a function has gone social. These days the trend is to hire the best talent through social media enterprises such as LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram. Most recruiters have also begun creating recruitment groups on mobile apps like Whatsapp and Hike for hiring applicants. Recruitment without social media is impossible to think and even potential job applicants believe that a company without social media presence is outdated and fraudulent.


Communication plays an important role in every managerial function and by communication I mean transactional communication – two way communication. Linear models of communication and hierarchy while communicating is a huge barrier to talent acquisition. Be it internal employees or external candidates, as a talent acquisition manager you must bear in mind that feedback in communication is highly crucial. Whether it’s a positive or negative outcome, a talent acquisition manager must by all chances convey the message to the final recipient.

Candidate pool:

A recruiter cannot rely on online recruitment portals for hiring assistance as the scope for finding the best talent is limited and bound to have several glitches that might hinder the entire process of recruitment. Building an internal pool either through networking or other social media portals will help a recruiter to boast about their talent pool to other companies. It gives their company a competitive edge over others. Besides the internal talent pool can also be used in dire circumstances such as recession.

Talent Supply Mapping

Our talent supply mapping services have evolved to a plethora of needs identified by our clients including

Risk mitigation and contingency planning, mainly for senior executive roles

Market mapping of high demand / short supply job groups or scarce skill areas

Gender mapping in response to workplace gender equality drivers

Market intelligence gathering on competit

On demand - Custom Research

Be it market intelligence on market skills, candidate availability, compensation and locations, we strive to provide research inputs working with our team, they now own a comprehensive Talent Map that will be used not only for recruiting purposes but also provides market intelligence to inform their own Talent Management Practices.

C&B Benchmarking

We help clients use their internal job descriptions for various roles to match and identify the external market median compensation. In this, we also identify the minimum and maximum compensation range for each benchmark position by Company / company type (Peer / Aspirational). With this, clients are able to take informed decisions on compensation corrections for motivating and retaining employees as per market standards.

What does our Talent research do?

Map Competitive advantage in Human Capital by Company, Skills and Location

Help establish business strategies by defining workforce goals and align employees to achieve these goals

Helps identify hard to replace resources and build a retention strategy

Have a greater degree of workforce metrics which help executives understand the existing skills gaps and build a plan to bridge gaps

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