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How to choose the best staffing companies in Bangalore

Over the years Bangalore has turned out to be a thriving hub for IT and non-IT industries. According several media publications, Bangalore stands third in offering employment after Mumbai and New Delhi. Many business parks in Bangalore stand testimonial to this unprecedented growth.

However, the increasing number of opportunities in critical digital skills has left many a recruiters in state of struggle. Most are unable to arrive at concrete decisions on recruiting talent and hence, have sought help from recruiting agencies. But are there any trusted staffing companies in Bangalore?

In a city like Bangalore, where opportunities thrive, trusting a recruiting agency can be dicey as many are inexperienced and some also indulge in cheating companies. Finding good staffing companies in Bangalore is a challenge in itself.

Here are some tips that will you find some of the best staffing companies in Bangalore

Experience in the industry:

One of the best signs of best staffing agencies in Bangalore is to check for its experience. Some of the questions you need to ask before selecting recruiting agencies is — for how long this staffing agency/agencies has have been functioning in the market? Are they credible enough to work with an organisation? etc. Experience is a crucial determiner in finding out the credibility of an organisation. The older the organisation, the better it is in its services. A good agency should have at least 7 years of experience in the job-market.


A trusted staffing agency will always have a trending website with updated contact details. Always look for staffing agencies in Bangalore that sport a web portal with information about their recruitment and talent mapping services. Ensure to read through their About Us/History page to know their background and experience in the industry. Also make sure the company has a blog and resources section to boast about its industry awareness.

Reference Checks:

Before signing contracts with staffing agencies in Bangalore it is essential that you conduct a thorough background study. Check community forums and directories like Google Reviews, Mouth Shut, Consumer Complaint Forums, Glassdoor Reviews and Facebook. These platforms will give you first-hand knowledge about a particular staffing agency in Bangalore. Also be vocal about your demands to the staffing agency and ask them to share their client details. If a company refuses to share client details, it is best to back off and search for another staffing agency.

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