Skill Gap Analysis

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4 methods to determine the skill gap analysis of newly recruited applicants

Did you know that employees enhance their technical skills only after receiving proper training from experts in the industry? Like any other HR manager, we go by the usual thinking that employees are pre-instilled with technical knowledge before their join an organisation. But seldom do we realise that technical knowledge only builds after being exposed to industry professionals, by emulating their style and following in their footsteps.

One of the most crucial pre-training techniques involve skill gap analysis. This method pushes employees to define their existing skills and knowledge required to complete a given task and then comparing their own ability to check whether they are in a position to complete the task or simply fit the requirement.

A skill gap analysis is usually done during an interview. It is essential that every employee undergoes this test as it helps the company evaluate the aptitude of an entrant based on which the final decision is made. Here are few methods to conduct an accurate skill gap analysis test.

Aptitude tests:

A generic test that helps HR managers evaluate an employee’s rational thinking and linguistic ability to execute a given task. Aptitude tests are considered an accurate indicator of skill gap analysis. This is because it enables a recruiter or hiring manager to arrive at a decision regarding a candidates judgemental and execution skills.

Case studies:

Often job-applicants are given a case study to solve generic problems. Case-studies are incidents simulating real-life incidents. These skill gap analysis techniques force candidates to think along similar lines and generate view-points that draw a clear picture about an applicant’s understanding of a requirement.

Focused group discussions:

Another, yet often beneficial skill gap analysis test that ensures to bring out interpersonal skills in candidates. Here a particular topic or situation is offered to group of potential job-applicants to mull over and generate viewpoints. This skillgap analysis test displays an individual’s critical thinking and decision making skills.


This skill gap analysis test is more or less conducted once a candidate is on-boarded. A candidate is put under vigorous training and their performance being evaluated simultaneously. An induction is a long process but ensures to offer sharp insights into an applicant’s aptitude.