Recruitment Strategies

Lighting dark alleys

Hiring is a critical affair in any organisation as it involves a certain amount of competence in skills like sourcing, selection and interviews. Recruiters lacking these skills can terribly fail in their attempt to hire the best talent. Thus, in an attempt to deliver apt and accurate results, many organisations, nowadays, are investing in online recruitment training programmes and other activities that have the potent ability to enhance current recruitment strategies. These training sessions are highly beneficial to new entrants into the HR world as it hones their skills in sourcing and screening.

Training sessions often come with a cost and due to the busy schedule of recruiters, it becomes highly difficult for many to even participate. Thus, as recruitment specialist myself, I have decided to list some points that have the ability to enrich the existing recruitment strategies of a particular company.

Top 3 recruitment strategies that you could use to attract the best talent

Social media

Most of us are aware of the fact that hiring does not take place through recruitment portals, referrals and classifieds alone, but also takes into consideration social media enterprises. One of the best mechanisms to generate 100% convertible leads is to include social media hiring as a part of your company’s current recruitment strategies. These days, social media engagement amongst people is highly active and several recruiters have succeeded in attracting the best talent through social media.

Recruitment drives

Another possibility to engage with best talent is by attending or organising recruitment drives. By attending such events, you get a chance to meet and interact with potential talent face-to-face. This also enables you to evaluate talent and check if they are a perfect fit into your organisation. Many recruiters avoid including this activity into their existing recruitment strategies as it is considered a waste of time and energy. But in reality, many companies have indeed fished the best talent through such activities.

Hiring agents

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are doing better than you? Well the answer is simple, they are working with the best talent. At times, even after vigorous efforts put into sourcing, recruiters are unable to source the best talent – this because their lack of expertise in sourcing and other recruitment activities. At this juncture, an HR manager must invest in hiring credible recruitment agents, who could deliver the best results in a given framework. Besides, these agents have a wide network of candidates and internal database.

Including these activities into your company’s current recruitment strategies can surely enhance your hiring efforts.