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Why is effective sourcing important in recruitment and selection?

Ineffective sourcing in recruitment can always lead to bad choices. Since the goodwill and brand image of a company relies on its service and employees, it is essential that HR professionals take utmost care in hiring the best prospects i.e. take relevant measures in sourcing applicants.

Whether it is recruiting engineers or business development managers, sourcing is primary and crucial to all hiring activities. Without effective sourcing, the recruitment process is rendered incomplete.

In recent years, sourcing as an activity has undergone severe changes. Sourcing agents have not limited the activity to online recruitment selection staffing portals but have also gone to the extent of exploring possibilities of sourcing potential talent on social media websites. HR professionals belonging to recruitment selection staffing firms are now highly active social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn to source job-seekers.

Often non-HR professionals complement sourcing to recruiting – which are two totally different concepts. Some live in a delusion that both are interchangeable and the similar in nature. To clarify the differences between the two, this blog post makes an attempt to highlight the importance of sourcing.

Why would any organization want to source applicants?

1. Firstly, it helps organizations to create a robust database of candidates from which they can further engage in activities related to recruitment selection staffing as per their job requirement.

2. Secondly, if you have a comparatively smaller HR team and there is more demand for candidates, seeking professional help from a sourcing agent who belongs to a renowned recruitment selection staffing firm will support you in building your company’s talent pipeline.

3. Thirdly, the activity of sourcing is highly complex and if you lack expertise, you can end up wasting time, energy and your company’s resources.

However, there are other ways that sourcing agents of renowned recruitment selection staffing firms such as Han Digital use for attracting the best candidates.

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