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How to select top recruitment consulting services in Bangalore

Recruitment consultancies in Bangalore are getting very popular these days. The growing rate of IT based companies in the city is paving way to numerous opportunities related to critical skills and other non-IT skills. According to Han Digital recruitment consulting service Bangalore, in the next few months and years to come, the demand for talent with critical skills will me more in the IT industry, but the sourcing for such talent will be highly complex due to cut-throat competition However, HR experts of this era emphasise that empanelment is the only option that large companies can go with. But not all hiring agencies can be trusted.

Here are some pointers that must be kept in mind before signing a contract with Bangalore based recruitment consultants:

Experience level:

Ensure that the recruitment consultancy has at least 7 – 10 years of industry exposure. Never deal with amateur recruitment agencies as they have no or little market experience. Empaneling with experienced agencies such as Han Digital recruitment consulting service Bangalore can help a company realise its goals and achieve its target in no time. Similarly, experienced agencies like Han Digital recruitment consulting service Bangalore have the ability to source candidates from their internal database and external sources of information.

Cost vs. Quality:

Some agencies charge high and some work with a very low price. Above all, a company must emphasise more on quality than cost and judge recruitment consultants based on their past performances. In Bangalore, some recruitment consultants offer a cheap bargain for their services, but the quality they offer is worthless. Most charge low amounts to attract companies. In such a case, an organisation must conduct research and go by the standard rate prevalent in the market. Han Digital recruitment consulting service Bangalore charges a standard percentage for its talent consulting and hiring service. Besides the rates are flexible and vary according to client requirements.


Never deal with recruitment agencies that do not have a website. A recruitment consultant in Bangalore without proper contact details can be fraudulent. Research about them and try finding information about their services and clients on Glassdoor, Mouth shut or LinkedIn. An agency with negative ratings can drastically bring down company performance.

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