Recruitment Consulting

Lighting dark alleys

How to choose a credible recruitment consulting firm!

With rumours about — recruitment consulting firms being unprofessional — doing the rounds, it’s time we put to it to rest. The social media is flooded with posts related to recruitment agencies being fraudulent, expensive and unprofessional in its recruitment consulting approaches. However, some of these rumours about recruitment firms might be true, but it is not applicable to all. Most credible recruitment firms are known for their excellence in service, such as Han Digital Solution.

We are dedicated, enthusiastic and economic. We not only recruit candidates, but keep a track of them and also conduct research on upcoming skills in the market.

Here is a list of suggestions that will help companies select the best recruitment consultant firms:

About us:

It is highly crucial for HR managers to go through the About Us page on any recruitment consulting firm’s webpage. The details listed down on this page gives a clear view about their vision, mission and objectives. Their relative experience and industry exposure give an understanding whether they are known players in the industry.

Client page:

An HR Manger, if collaborating with a recruitment consulting firm, should by all means ask references as proof of their activities. Many a times, recruitment firms refuse to share details due to personal obligations but an HR manager must at least ask make an effort to ask them about the company they are working with. Client referrals give a clear understanding on hiring model adopted by recruitment consulting firms.

Social media presence:

Does this recruitment consulting firm have trending social media pages? Are they updating information about their services? These are some of the questions an HR manager must seek before empaneling with any hiring agency. Social media presence is extremely important for a recruitment agency as it reflects on its knowledge about being technology savvy and their existing network.

Size of team:

The size of a team determines a recruitment consulting firm’s ability to undertake assignments. A small team is usually considered unfit to handle large requirements. An HR manager must engage only with hiring agencies which have a large and active team composition.