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The menace of con job placement agencies

Finding a suitable job after graduation is the next thing most students are engaged with. In this competitive work environment, finding jobs — be it technical or non-technical — is a challenge. Besides unemployment is on the rise while the country is unable to generate job opportunities for freshly passed out students.

If we take a look at newspapers or even go through social media posts, we see that many students are unemployed and find it extremely difficult to get placed as per their qualifications.

As a desperate measure, students look forward to the services offered by various job placement agencies. These job placement agencies promise students of offering jobs in their client companies.

But are these placement agencies credible? The answer is left to the readers to deliberate.

No doubt, placement agencies play a crucial role in helping freshers find jobs. But most job placement agencies are not reliable for their services. The reason being – no certification. If one goes by the number, in Bangalore alone, there are about over 100 unregistered placement agencies and there is nothing the government can do about it.

The crime rates of con placement agencies in rife not only in Bangalore but throughout India. An HR magazine once wrote an elaborate article about a con job placement agency thriving in Bangalore. It clearly stated the modus operandi of the work placement agency and the ways it cheated clients by sourcing profiles from accessible job portals. An employee from that organisation stood and reported the job placement agency. What happened next was shocking! The employee got fired.

Recently in Mandya, over 50 students of a reputed college were duped by a fraudulent work placement agency. The students were given fake offer letters and sent to Bangalore to work. After contacting the concerned work placement agency – it never existed.

Con reports about several placement agencies go unnoticed and companies must find ways to put an end to it. One of the best methods to stop this menace is to not entertain an unregistered job placement agency.

It is advised to check their websites and contact details before approaching such agencies.