List Of Employment Agencies

Lighting dark alleys

This is how talent research helps your company

One of the prime reasons your firm is willing to work with a staffing agency is for its recruitment operations. But you must know that staffing companies are not only recruitment but also research and other hiring related activities. You might come across a list of employment agencies that deal with talent research. But are they credible? Here is how you can find out the best agency among your list of job agencies.

1.From the list of employment agencies you find, ensure that every job agency is a genuine one.

2.Look for proper contact details

3.Refrain from the list of employment agencies that have a Gmail id instead of an official id.

4.Among the list of recruitment agencies you have found, look for credible agencies like Han Digital that offer talent consulting service.

5.Ensure that the research they offer is in compliance with the needs of your organisation.

After finding out the best out of the list of employment agencies you have selected. You must understand how talent research helps you. Here is why talent mapping is an absolute necessity to your company.


You must know that the list of employment agencies you have found will not support your research need because every agency will have its own specialty in talent research. Also you must find out from the list of recruitment agencies, which one suits your requirement the most. For instance, if you are looking for gender mapping then you must look for another list of recruitment agencies which provide that service.

Identifies company strength:

The list of job agencies you find can help your company conduct a SWOT on itself. The active talent researchers can analyse your company’s needs and start-off by conducting research activities that are conducive to the aims and objectives. Also ensure that you keep a separate list of job agencies that only conduct SWOT.

Makes your company competitive:

If you look at a well-researched list of staffing agencies, you might realise they offer services that bring out the competitive side of your firm. If your list of staffing agencies doesn’t support competence building skills, it is best you avoid such agencies. Ensure your list of staffing agencies offer talent grid mapping analysis which help firms identify their core recruitment skills.