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Senior Campaigns Analyst

  2 to 5 Years    Hyderabad

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Job Description :

We are seeking out candidates for the this which a highly demanding and responsible role to fulfill our client and business requirements in the speculated time.

Roles and Responsibilities :

  1. Scoring/Backtestingredictive models for population selection in designing new campaigns, and tracking existing campaigns.
  2. Extracting data from multiple data sources (i.e. excel, oracle, text files).
  3. Need to validate models periodically and maintain & prepare precise process documentation for all the existing models and new models.
  4. Assess the performance of predictive models on a periodic basis by computing various metrics like PSI, KS, Gini, Divergence etc.,
  5. On a need basis, able to build predictive Models including but not limited to Linear/Logistic.
  6. Regression & Segmentation techniques for delivering analyses and building strategies to drive portfolio growth.
  7. Use SAS procedures like proc summary, proc means, proc univariate, proc sql to deliver.
  8. multiple analyses like assessing marketing campaign effectiveness, the profitability of specific segments, loss rates by risk bucket.
  9. Willing to work on new tools like Model Manager to set up the process of automation for assessment of models Communicating business results/interpretations with clients and peers.
  10. Ability to generate innovative ideas and work on them which would have a significant business impact.
  11. Need to do Report creation/ MIS, Ad-hoc Analysis occasionally.
  12. Strong Programming skills (SQL and SAS) with minimum 2 years Exposure in data analysis.
  13. Techniques like modeling, segmentation, hypothesis testing with a minimum of 2 years experience.
  14. Experience in creating Excel reports (Pivot tables, Graphs…).
  15. Effective communication skills.
  16. Hands-on experience in the model development process (logistic/linear regression).
  17. Understanding of US credit card or retail business Exposure to marketing and retail concepts.
  18. Proven ability in delivering and reviewing business results with clients and peers.
  19. Experience in handling large data, creating reports and giving business insights.

Educational Qualifications :

Bachelor / Masters

Key Skills :

Divergence SAS Marketing Analytics Campaign Analytics Data Analysis Statistics linear regression Regression

Contact Details :

Email Id : subhendu@handigital.com

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