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  7.0 years to 13 years    bangalore

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Job Description :

Experience & Skills: We are looking for Language agnostic resources, however below is the end to end tech stack we use for developing our large scale retail platforms. 1) Java/ J2EE, Node JS. 2) Cloud Solutions – working on Azure or AWS 3) Containers Management –using tools like Docker, Rocket and Drawbridge 4) Elastic Scaling – using tools like Nginx, HAProxy or PAAS like Openshift 5) Dynamic Discover – using tools like Zookeeper or Etcd 6) Configuration Management – using tools like Zookeeper, Etcd, Spring, Puppet/Chef, 7) Ancible 8) Continuous Integration – using tools like Maven and Jenkins 9) Continuous Deployment – using tools like Jenkins, Nolio or Go 10) Assembly Development – using frameworks like Apache Camel or Node.js 11) UI Development – using frameworks like Node.js, REACT, AngularJS or Backbone 12) IDL Definition – using tools like RAML or Swagger 13) Code Development – using IDE’s like Eclipse or IntelliJ 14) Web API’s – for Information Exchange 15) Collaboration – using tools like Git-Hub and JIRA

Key Job Attributes :

Core Java AWS Cloud Devops

Educational Qualifications :

Any Graduate

Key Skills :

Cloud AWS Devops

Contact Details :

Narendra-080 6134 1576

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