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How to find the best candidates in the job market

The job market is brimming with opportunities galore. New careers are launched every day and novel job descriptions are published to attract potential job-seeking applicants. For the record, recruiters also are always on the run to find unique and the best talent. The versatile nature of job markets make it an easy task for recruiters to hunt for talent.

However, the problem lies in distinguishing best talent from the ordinary. Often recruiters aren’t able to close a position. Even if they seem to have hired the best applicant available in the job market, the rate of attrition is always increasing. Thus, it is highly essential for a recruiter or a hiring manager to look for candidates who are not only the best in terms of their skills, but also their commitment levels..

As talent consults, we have come up with our own understanding of how the job market functions and what are the parameters to be kept in mind before recruiting any talent.

Here is a list of pointers that will help recruiters to find the best talent:


One of the best methods to find promising and dedicated talent from the job market is to engaging in active and passive networking. Networking helps you to interact with potential job seekers through which you could analyse their requirements on spot. Attending job fairs or hiring candidates through campus placement drives is a highly beneficial method of recruiting talent.

Besides, you can also make use of resources available on social media enterprises for quick and generic results.

Recruitment Portals:

Recruitment portals are used by almost all recruiters. But not all candidates that are enrolled with the portal can be relied upon. As a recruiter, you must look for profiles that are tagged and listed as premium users. These profiles are credible and often seen as the best in the job market.

Passive Hiring:

Passive job-seekers or professionals working in reputed companies are always sought after by many leading organisations. These professionals are happy, content and satisfied with their current job. Since these professionals aren’t available in the job market, it becomes a challenge to personally seek their profiles on semi-recruitment social media enterprises. But hiring passive candidates is always the best method to bring in passionate, committed and dedicated talent.