IT Recruitment Services

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The different types of IT recruitment services

The misconception that IT recruitment services are one-time placement services is a highly deceptive and misleading definition of the term itself. Management professionals see this service as an expense and consider it as waste of time and energy. However, recruitment is more than what meets the eye. It is not just one single, mundane activity, instead it is a gamut of dynamic Human Resources (HR) activities that most management professionals aren’t aware of.

IT recruitment services include different types of activities that a generalist or an HR executive might find difficult to perform. The services require expertise and skill that only a few have mastered over a period of time.

The overall attitude towards IT recruitment services providers must change so as to enhance talent pool building, brand image in the market, internal talent mobility, social media presence and market outreach in the long-run.

Here is a list of IT recruitment services that can be executed through professionals alone:


Sourcing as an activity may look easy for lay HR professionals, but when executing the same – this activity is a tough nut to crack. Sourcing is a very complex task and if done properly, it can reap long-term rewards for an organisation. Since sourcing is the key to building a talent pool, it helps an organisation to manage and utilise talent as per their requirements. Sourcing is time consuming and requires persistence while hunting for talent.

Talent Mapping:

No IT recruitment services is complete without talent mapping. This activity is an in-depth study about the job industry and the availability of talent. It is quite helpful to revive moribund organisations or firms that are looking to expand its services or products. Talent Mapping is a roadmap for growing organisations as it helps them tap the right talent at the right time.

Talent Consulting:

Very few IT recruitment services providers in Bangalore offer quality talent consulting services. Talent consulting is an essential activity for any organisation, especially if they are planning to expand and introduce new opportunities. Talent consulting can help an organisation to strategically plan their hiring activities, track talent and help build resources for future use.

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