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How do IT hiring agencies to find niche talent?

IT hiring agencies to thrive in a scenario where finding niche talent is a challenge. To source niche talent is a boon or a bane to most recruiters. The reason being exceptionally good candidates unwilling to join the company or client. Many IT hiring agencies in Bangalore, including Han Digital, have had this experience to drop a client requirement because of their demand for niche talent. To find niche talent for most IT hiring agencies is to find a needle in a haystack. However, only talent mapping companies or IT hiring agencies that indulge in talent research, like Han Digital, can track, find and convince niche talent.

Therefore, not all IT hiring agencies are qualified to source niche talent profiles.

Here is how Han Digital sources niche talent profiles

Talent Supply Mapping (TSM):

Exclusive to Han Digital Solution, the TSM strategy is one of the in-house tools that recruiters use to map both active talent and passive niche talent. Many inexperienced agencies hiring candidates aren’t able to distinguish between active and passive talent. Some agencies hiring job-applicants are not in a position to convert passive clients due to their inability to convince. But through the TSM tool, Han Digital can easily convert passive candidates by supporting the statements with data and bits of factual information. Thus, unlike agencies hiring cheap talent for their clients, Han Digital ensures to source high-quality profiles.


Along with the TSM tool, Han Digital has a set of recruiters specialized in sourcing alone. In recruitment, sourcing is altogether a different activity. It requires skills like screening abilities, enhanced communication, and keyword expertise. When TSM tool is teamed with sourcing, hiring efforts are reduced by 65% and conversions are almost 78% done.

In-house database:

Han Digital is slowly moving into the domain of contract staffing. Like other temporary hiring agencies, Han Digital is putting an effort to make a collaborative in-house database. The only difference between other temporary hiring agencies and Han Digital is the recruiters use the in-house database to qualify profiles suitable for permanent requirements. However, that might not be the case with most temporary hiring agencies. But at Han Digital, recruiters ensure that contract candidates get an opportunity to join as permanent employees with the best companies.