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India ITBPM industry is one among the top Women diversity talent market in the world featuring along with USA, Australia, China, Philippines. Over last 3 years, India ITBPM organizations trying to address two major workforce related challenges; First one is building digital talent pool through hiring & re-skilling over future skills to overcome digital skill shortage to protect future impact on business growth, secondly gender inclusiveness which increasingly chase to find diversity talent from the market to drive greater innovation and productivity in the business ecosystem.


HAN DIGITAL ‘ITBPM Gender Diversity Talent Outlook’ built a comprehensive report, by applying various research methodologies to validate the installed diversity talent pool, diversity hiring trends, programs and market best practices, etc. Gender diversity talent outlook cover over 1.4million diversity talent population employed across 9 type of companies, 8 type of market offerings, 8 major ITBPM locations, major technology stack and 10 digital technology diversity talent pool.


Approach to achieve gender inclusiveness -

“Align diversity goals across business functions and purpose with diverse actionable metrics, create diversity talent brand in the market, holistic approach with talent market insights are most likely key factors to achieve and drive overall women diversity inclusion”


What takes you to achieve? -

Purpose, Process, Programs, Skills, Structure, Support, Collaboration and Inspirations” - Key drivers which collectively HAN DIGITAL recommend winning over diversity inclusion.


Highlights of findings:

  • Establishing diversity talent brand by market campaign, rewards programs, inspirational videos from women leaders, facilitated women employee’s contribution 
  • Most of the organizations practice women leadership councils to encourage GENDER-NEUTRAL ORGANIZATIONAL set up
  • 8 out of 10 of large IT companies and BFSI global capability centers finding difficulties to fill women leaders (15+years hands on tech savvy) in technology roles even after 8-12 months of long aggressive chase
  • Top 5 locations like Bangalore, Delhi/NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune are leading the major women diversity market
  • More than 55% of university hires are women candidates which contributes majorly to showcase YoY diversity growth
  • 200+ women diversity programs are running in major IT Services companies and major BFSI GCCs in India which aggressively to attract women diversity candidates
  • In Digital technology stack, approx 24% of them are women workforce and just 4% of STEM at women leadership talent in top Digital technologies in India
  • Less than 15% of the women leadership talent are willing relocating those who wants to take n-2 level and sales leadership role 
  • Diversity market intelligence report to understand role based talent supply from the market to drive and create effective hiring strategy



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