Future Skills 2020-2022 in India

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We, HAN DIGITAL talent consulting team keep tracking over 1000+ IT skills frequently on talent pool demand & supply market dynamics. Publishing an interesting trend on new emergence of future skills for 2020-2022 on software programming languages, software frameworks, software libraries and software development kits (SDK).


Like we decoded earlier on top digital technologies, the future keep changing and forced to adopt numerous new age technologies in digital era like Artificial Intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), Automation, Robotics, Blockchain, Cyber security, Mobile applications, etc and these new technologies all have to run on promising programming languages.


Developers must keep learning right programming languages today to be competitive in marketplace and it is opening up doors of new opportunities in new dimensions. These new future skills have made developer more efficient and easier to use in their development environment as well as address the gap of raising user experience to the next level. Each of these skills brought proven new value chain to the ecosystem, where customers are in significant market adoption vs traditional languages.


By tracking 7+ company types in India and their unique skills demand spiked in the last 8-10months, skill adoption rate, market competition, talent supply-demand, billing rate, upskilling/cross skilling, freelancers voice over from gig economy and various other methodologies to shortlist top future skills with following trends;


  • Over 3,50,000 talent pool available across target future skills in India and expected to increase over 15% yearly
  • More than 25,000 unique jobs been published ever since 2020 to hire this handson talent across India
  • Bangalore, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, and Pune market generated 70% of job demands
  • 9,50,000 INR being average median salary for these top 20 future skills
  • Need of developer productivity, create strong concurrency/parallelism, compatibility to various platforms, developer friendly and provide appropriate security to the application development being the driving force for the ecosystem emerging into these future skills


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