6 Useful Insights For Hiring Mulesoft Professionals

Written by Abhishek on Nov 22, 2017


Conventional wisdom says that it is challenging to hire for certain skills. Supply for some skills may have flattened or demand may have increased. But hiring is not going to stop. Rather, successful hiring is possible, backed by data.

Can Insights save hiring in this competitive landscape? We will prove this capability using one such skill that we will explore here.

Han Digital explored the market availability for MuleSoft professionals. We mapped close to 12,000 candidates across India. Participants ranged from GICs to Large Enterprises. The study gauged the availability of these MuleSoft professionals. Both implementation and administration skills were part of the study.

In this post, we look at companies that hire MuleSoft skills. Location analysis will give an idea of where talent is available. We cover compensation structure and organisation structure across experience levels. By the end of this post, you will become an expert on MuleSoft talent availability.


1. 12,000+ professionals across Implementation and Administration

2. 90% of talent deployed in Development

3. Bangalore is the preferred destination for most candidates

4. 7 locations mapped across India

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