HR Recruitment Consultancy

Lighting dark alleys

Rules that every HR consultancy must follow

Browse through LinkedIn or any other social media website, what one sees is how HR professionals avoid responses from every HR recruitment consultancy. Be it a senior IT recruitment consultant Bangalore or any other hiring professional, they all end up getting the same response.

The fault is of every HR recruitment consultancy. The amount of desperation shown by most IT recruitment consultant Bangalore is immeasurable. Most recruiters send messages even after being warned by companies. This draws a complete different and unprofessional picture of most recruitment consultants. Many go to the extent of directly calling them or using fancy HR jargons to attract company interests. Besides, what irks most Human Resources professional is the way recruitment agencies approach then under the pretext of offering false hiring services.

Here are some ground rules that will help an HR recruitment consultancy to maintain its professionalism:

Refrain from posts:

One of the most common mistakes that every IT recruitment consultant Bangalore does is to reply to LinkedIn posts despite the other party issuing warnings for recruitment consultants. This not only reduces the brand image of the recruitment agency but also its dignity. Moreover, this behaviour is highly appalled by company HR professionals as they can sense desperation and genuine interest. Such an act can also prevent future prospects.

Don’t call prospects:

It is quite common that most HR professionals publish official telephone numbers along with their post to attract potential candidates. However, the phone numbers are only published for candidates alone.

Sensing this as an opportunity, every HR recruitment consultancy leaves no stone unturned by immediately contacting them, often disguising as professionals from the talent industry. This act is often looked down upon by most HR professionals. In such a case, the least an HR recruitment consultancy agent could do is send an email with a proposal, just to seem professional in their approach.