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Acquiring the best talent is an utmost requirement to any company. Without the best talent, revenues would decrease and so the company’s brand image. Thus, it is a dire necessity that HR managers must seek and recruit the best talent for further growth and expansion. Often while finding the best talent, HR managers find it extremely difficult to source and convince talent to join the company. The very reason assumed could be their approach to potential job-seekers and most importantly the hidden flaws in their hiring process.

It might come as a surprise to many experienced recruiters about the hiring process being a hindrance to hiring talent. But as per some of the findings released by industrial psychologists, hiring process does make a huge impact on the job-seekers level of motivation and approach to the company.

After critically evaluating some of these claims made by popular industrial psychologists, Han Digital researchers decided to work on it. We conducted a small study within our organisation by analysing the hiring process of 5 clients and what we discovered was shocking. Though we source candidates and help companies what happened to the applicants later was quite shocking. Here are two finding on why candidates hesitate to join companies:

Interview process:

Interviews are an internal means of engaging with candidates. Even though an important component of the hiring process, the design and execution predict whether an applicant would pursue the company further or not. Often interviews are longer than expected. Longer interviews are deemed to be anti-talent and can lead companies to drive away best talent from approaching them. They reason is the tolerance level of candidates and their other personal commitments during the day.

Poor candidate management:

Candidate management in the hiring process is a skill that needs mastery. Not all recruiters are deemed fit to master this talent as it requires patience and a great level of empathy. During the hiring process, when situations turn out bad, it is the duty of recruiters to manage candidates and answer their queries. Most companies do not follow this system. Upon asking candidates to give a review of their interview with our client used in the study, the answer we received was negative. Thus, managing candidates is highly important in the hiring process.