Gender Diversity

Lighting dark alleys

Gender diversity — a sought after element in recruitment

Over the years, the trend to hire people and new talent has changed rather drastically. Companies are introducing neutral recruitment polices that benefit both the current employees and potential job applicants. Through such policies, companies aren’t only uplifting their work culture but also creating a brand image and corporate responsibility in the vast industry.

Gender diversity is one such policy that many HR managers of MNCs and start-ups have adhered to in their recruitment drives. This policy entails hiring people across diverse backgrounds irrespective of their gender, sexuality and roles in society. The industry has always been perceived as a patriarchal system where women are belittled for their roles and contribution.

Sifting past history, industries never hired women for tough and manufacturing roles, instead, many were offered roles that were much docile and involved no or little work. Earlier, women were seen in front desks or as assistants to managers, but thanks to the mass awareness on gender quality that polices such as gender diversity in hiring were introduced in the system. Here women are competing and assuming positions that were once reserved only for men.

Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Women have been leading departments, sectors and even large scale corporates and are quite successful in their attempt.

However, gender diversity in recruitment does not only mean hiring women but also takes into consideration other sexual minorities that have been ridiculed over the years. The LGBT community has been offered a special niche in the corporates and many top level MNCs such as Google, Amazon, Godrej etc. are hiring extensively from the LGBT community. Besides, these corporates are voted to be the top companies that are gender friendly.

These companies focus more on equality and are making a deliberate attempt to spread awareness among the masses. Apart from recruitment, gender diversity has also paved way into corporate social responsibility (CSR) where MNCs are introducing prides, marathons and other such events that support equality in gender.

Another benefit companies are drawing from gender diversity recruitment is empowering women from rural and less-fortunate backgrounds. In a way, through gender diversity hiring, these companies are fulfilling their requirements and also showing some CSR towards the society.