Competency Mapping

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Employee disengagement and attrition management have been plaguing HR managers of most companies. One of the most common constraints that HR managers face is employee disengagement. In this case, employees seem to be disinterested in their work and the surrounding environment, which makes productivity fall by a margin and also impacts the revenue. After much deliberation, industrial psychologists have suggested the application of competency mapping on both internal and external employees.

Competency Mapping is a process of identifying key competencies for a company or a particular job. Once the core competencies are identified, the next step is to assimilate them throughout the various processes of the company. The processes include – recruitment, training, learning & development and job evaluation,

Understanding core competencies enable HR managers to develop strategies in retaining employees and keep them engaged in work. It also helps them seek the right candidate for right requirement.

Competency mapping is a slow and meticulous process as it entails details of existing talent and the required talent in the future.

How does a company execute competency mapping?

There are various methods of conducting this exercise. One of them is personal evaluation. Competency mapping of self-enables employees to identify their strengths and weakness and directs their attention to focus on activities that will help them reap tangible and intangible benefits in the future.

Similarly, observation by peers or superiors is another method of implementing competency mapping. The superiors or the HR managers observe the behaviour and interact with employees to analyse their understanding of the job market. It gives first-hand perspective about an employee’s attitude towards their job.

However, implementing competency mapping on potential job-seekers is also necessary. Understanding the skills of incoming talent can prevent companies from hiring the wrong person. Recruiters, in this case, evaluate a candidate’s personality, attitude and aptitude through various psychometric tests. Also, their resume makes a huge difference in determining the current skills. Besides this, their social media presence can also give recruiters first-hand information about projects handled and current assignments.

Thus, competency mapping is the dire need of every organisation these days as it helps recruiters align incoming and existing talent with the core values of a business firm.