Why is sourcing crucial to your organisation?

Published on Nov 24, 2017

Most professionals believe that sourcing as a recruitment function requires little or no expertise. This is a general misconception that people have about sourcing. However, little do they know that sourcing is equally complex to execute. It requires great amount of patience, perseverance and agility. Unlike other recruitment functions, such as compensation & benefits, mapping, interviewing, etc. sourcing requires equal amount of expertise and knowledge.  

Due to its time consuming nature, most companies rely on recruitment agents for assistance. Sourcing agents are experts and have a better understanding of the job market, thereby helping you get the right talent at the right time. Here are some benefits of working with them: 

Help you build a strong applicant database: 

A company having poor talent database can never succeed in finding new talent. Having an updated applicant database is a dire need of the organisation. It helps them to look for new talent or even replace existing talent if at all a need arises. Furthermore, it also displays profiles and avoids redundancy at all costs.  

An additional helping hand: 

If you have a smaller HR team and are finding it highly difficult to recruit the right talent, you can always seek help from sourcing agents. They use various software and tools that track the right talent. Apart from this, sourcing agents are also good in pre-screening activities such as telephonic interviewing, background verification and scheduling.  

Saves time and energy: 

As mentioned earlier, sourcing is a time consuming activity and the inability to source the right talent can lead you to waste adequate time and company resources. Sourcing agents on the other hand can solely devote their time and energy for your requirement, thus helping you make a worthy investment.  

Builds brand-image: 

Sourcing is not only cold calling or sending cold emails, there is more to it. When sourcing agents conduct cold calls – they ensure to use the name of the company, laud it and underline its strengths. The job descriptions sent also include an element of brand marketing as sourcing agents ensure to use company name and logo in most emails.  

Social media marketing: 

Similar to building brand-image, sourcing agents also conduct inbound marketing activities such as social marketing. Here they publish posts using hashtags and other SEO keywords and then publish the same on websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Once an applicant clicks the link they are directed to the website and asked to enrol into the company database. This method is an effective way of building an efficient talent pipeline.  

 Candidate Management: 

Sourcing agents are well-trained speakers and can build a credible story in no time. They are experts in managing applicants through transactional communication.  

Effective communication to external talent is a crucial method of building brand image. Speaking rudely to an applicant or paying no attention to their requests can drastically mar the reputation of a company’s work culture and ethics.   

Before engaging with candidates, sourcing agents try to ease them by telling them about your company and the job there are likely to do. They take care of their queries and sort it out professionally. In case, the candidate turns down the offer, sourcing agents ensure to provide alternate job opportunities to them. 

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