Top 5 recruitment strategies that will attract top talent to join start-ups

Published on Nov 24, 2017

You must have noticed the trend that most startups are either acquired or become defunct after a few years. What was once a thriving entity is now nothing but a crumbling dynasty. Why this sudden transformation? What must be the reason for this closure? The answer to this is – failure to attract the best talent.

Most companies, especially startups, fail to sustain in the long-run because of their inability to tap top talent. Poor recruitment strategies and weak infrastructure restrict their professional abilities to hire some of the best candidates. A company, with a weak talent pool and unskilled workforce, cannot expect growth and expansion in business.

Besides, several startups also refrain from taking help from talent consultancies considering their services to be expensive and futile. However, this might not be the case always. If a startup is failing in its business or is unable to find the right candidate, it is advised to seek professional assistance through known talent consultancies which are specialised in startup hiring.

Han Digital Solution is a 15-year-old talent consultancy and is specialised in devising recruitment strategies for startups. In fact, the company has its own startup recruitment cell which only deals with startup hiring and services. Keeping in mind some of the problems faced by startups, Han Digital talent experts have listed down recruitment strategies which have never failed. If you are a startup and looking for a solid base in recruitment, here is your chance to know and understand the details on procuring the best talent.

·        Strong social media presence

While pitching a startup job requirement to potential applicants, as recruiters, we share the website and LinkedIn profile of the company with them. By doing this we not only inform candidates about the company but also proactively use techniques to convince them. Often when a company doesn’t sport a website or has an inactive social media profile, it becomes highly complex to convince applicants. Even if we find candidates and schedule interviews, closure is impossible because most of them return disappointed. The reason being – lack of active social media presence and poor brand imaging.

Social media is a revolution in the job industry. A company that boasts its culture on the web is highly preferred to those that keep a low profile. Gone are the days when applicants would attend interviews without sparing another thought, these days advancement in technology has made job-seekers much wise and particular about companies and job prospects. Hence, an active social media presence is a must for startups to progress ahead.

·        Treat all candidates like customers

If you seek the best out of a person, it is essential that you treat them with dignity. All potential job applicants are an asset to your company. You must move heaven and earth to impress applicants with your hiring strategies and communication. Even if an applicant does not fit your requirement, do not shun them instead guide them to a department where their skills are needed the most.

New applicants not only bring goodwill to your organisation but also market your company to other candidates. Online forums such as Google Reviews, MouthShut and LinkedIn serve as platforms for discussing such issues. Hence, be polite and make efforts to address queries of all potential candidates who apply to your firm.

·        Evaluate company costs before employing candidates

This is more of an internal issue which revolves around company policies. Before settling on an agreement, ensure that the budget allocated for hiring candidates falls in line with your requirements. An attractive salary is another determiner that brings candidates to your firm.

When figuring out the potential remuneration of new applicants, be thorough with costs such as recruiting costs, base salary, taxes, additional value and benefits, cost of equipment, price per space, training and learning costs, onboarding cost.

·        Content Marketing

To enhance your market presence, it is a must that you invest in content marketing. Hire freelancers or write trendy content yourself. A web domain that lacks content or employer branding is a bore to most potential job-seekers. Catalogue your services and ensure to include honest, genuine testimonials. Apart from these activities, also initiate blogs on the services your firm offers, case studies and other resources that can substantiate your contribution to the society.

·        Invest in video marketing strategies

Along with content marketing, ensure to make creative videos on your work culture and employee profiles. It is one of the best methods to brand your company not only to potential job-seekers but also to investors. These videos serve as an inspiration to many candidates who wish to become successful managers in the future. Besides, video introductions and profiles get more attention than written content.

Are you a startup looking for hiring the best talent? Are your recruitment strategies failing? You can get in touch with Han Digital startup consultants for hiring assistance. Our aim to assist startups by partnering with them and helping them achieve their long-term objectives in the best possible manner. To know more about our services, you can write to us on