Role of Tableau professionals in an organisation

Published on Dec 28, 2017

Data visualisation is an essential component while executing any business function. Customers these days require content that is not only appealing but deeply engaging and data visualisation tools such as Tableau enable companies to generate output that drive business to achieve the desired results.

Tableau is tool known to produce interactive data visualisation products which primarily focuses on business intelligence. It helps users to visually analyse data, while also allowing them to create an interactive dashboard which depicts variations, trends, graphs and even charts.

Tableau as a business intelligence tool has the innate ability to connect to databases and files, Big Data sources to obtain and process data. This data visualisation tool is used by academicians, researchers, government organisations and business firms.

The origins of Tableau:

Tableau as a business intelligence tool was initially launched to commercialise a research projects which was conducted at the Department of Computer Science in Stanford University between 1999 and 2002. The tool was founded in Mountain View California in 2003 by Chris Stolte. Tableau queries OLAP cubes, spreadsheets and cloud databases and then produces a graph types corresponding to the data.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Tableau professional:

• Tableau professionals must have an experience in delivering Business Intelligence Analytics to various industries.

•  Should have the ability to translate business requirements into a sustainable and efficient visualisation.

•  Must have an experience working with MicroStrategy and other Big Data tools

•  Must possess a strong knowledge of OLAP databases, cubes etc.

• Should have sound understanding of integration tools such as Informatica, Salesforce and ServiceNow.

• Should also have a solid foundation in Oracle, SQL Server and stored procedures.

• Solid Business and data Analysis skills is a must in collecting and executing client requirements

How to become a Tableau professional?

These days the market is flooding with requirements that seek candidates having an experience in data visualisation tools while Tableau being one of them. Since, the demand for Tableau has reached its zenith, candidates are enforced to undertake Tableau courses to get them trained in the domain.

To be a Tableau professional is it essential that one must have an experience of at least 2 or 3 years in any basic data visualisation tools. They must be fluent with Java, SQL Server, Oracle and technical languages. Besides, they must also engage actively with team leads and socialise in circles that foster Tableau learning and teaching. It is essential that a Tableau aspirant receives professional coaching and training before undertaking the Tableau certification. This can help them to qualify as professionals in companies before executing Tableau related projects.

About Han Digital 

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