Role of Salesforce Professionals in an Organization

Published on Dec 4, 2017

Over the years, technology has advanced tremendously. There has been a surge in cloud computing technologies and skills. One such technology which is has taken the industry by storm is Salesforce or SFDC. Almost every well-established firm turn to SFDC professionals due to their ability to handle queries and offer valuable solutions for a company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs. Besides, with regular CRM delivery models being obsolete, SFDC CRM is ruling the technology industry. This blog will offer a brief insight into what this niche, yet handy skill is.

The origins of SFDC: 

Before the advent of SFDC, most CRM solutions were independently hosted on an organisation’s server. This process was extremely time consuming and even expensive which is why it took months or even years to set up a CRM. However, even after setting up a CRM, they were difficult to use. Thus, bearing in mind the complexities, a bunch of Software Developers viz.  Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez came together and founded Software as a Service (SaaS) Salesforce in the year 1999. Since then, this cloud computing firm has grown into the fifth largest software organisation across the globe.

Here is a sample role of an SFDC Professional

SFDC Professionals are responsible for driving strategic, enterprise-wide sales initiatives into a territory consisting of calling on the largest companies across their designated area. They must be able to forecast sales activity and revenue achievement while creating satisfied and reference worthy customers.

This will give a brief understanding of their role in the organisation:

·         An SFDC Professional has to retain, grow and develop assigned accounts through daily interaction with clients; ensure renewal and growth of all accounts

·         They must understand the organisational structure, business model, online marketing strategy of assigned clients

·         Should be able to understand and document use of Marketing Cloud application and services to support client's marketing & communication goals including communication audiences and metrics

·         They will be responsible for developing and presenting quarterly business reviews with top tier clients

·         Should Maintain renewal calendar that includes information on subscription dates, subscription amount, active features and usage

·         They should propose, scope, price and sell incremental product and services solutions to assigned clients

·         Negotiate and create product and service orders, contract addendums and renewals, obtaining necessary signatures both internally and externally


Why Companies hire SFDC Professionals?

As mentioned earlier, many organisations in the early 90’s and 80’s faced problems with their customised CRMs. Building a CRM was not only expensive but time consuming as well. It took them 9 months to a year to develop a customised CRM which relatively was difficult to operate. Hence, to put an end to this, SFDC came into existence.

A company particularly requires SFDC Professionals for the following reasons:

1.     Improving reporting and analytical data within the customer database

2.     To enhance communication between customer and service provider

3.     To oversee and automate everyday tasks

4.     To improve service standards towards customers

5.     SFDC Professionals help improve efficiency within multiple teams

How to become SFDC Professional?

To become a SFDC Professional, an individual show have a basic understanding of this software. They should read or even undergo training for the same. They must have a good idea about data tables, workflows, record types, tools such as Visual Flow and validation rules. There are plenty of books and reading materials that can assist one to take tiny steps towards being an SFDC Professional.

An SFDC aspirant should have good knowledge about other programming languages such as Java other than Apex, which is a SFDC proprietary language.

Lastly, a curiosity to learn and encompass new methodologies, working and undergoing vigorous training in the domains of SFDC will help aspiring software Professionals to certainly excel in this profession.

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