Role and responsibilities of ServiceNow Professionals

Published on Dec 7, 2017

In this highly competitive industry, keeping up with dynamic technology is a must. For instance, most companies are currently replacing their old IT Service Management (ITSM) tools with tools such as ServiceNow due to its faster Graphical User Interface (GUI). ServiceNow tools and professionals are highly in demand these days because it is a cloud computing service and does not require any database or networking to maintain it. Besides, its less pricing made ServiceNow a trending tool in most IT companies. 

Origins of ServiceNow:

ServiceNow was founded by Fred Luddy in 2006. Luddy served as a CTO with Peregrine Systems in San Diego before starting his own venture Glidesoft Inc. in 2003. Glidesoft specialised in ITSM applications based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards. In 2006, the company changed its name to ServiceNow.

Some of the key features of ServiceNow are as follows:

·        Management of Assets

·        Change and release management

·        Configuration management

·        Risk management

·        IT cost management

·        Problem and situation management

·        Service catalogues

·        Management of demand and supply

Roles and Responsibilities of a ServiceNow professional:

·        A ServiceNow professionals should be proficient in all the modules of ITSM suite (Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, Service request Management)

·        It is must to have a good experience in writing client scripts, Business Rules, Client catalog scripts, ACLs in the programming language.

·        Should work on Notification Engine by creating custom notification tag

·        They must create Service Request Definitions (SRD) using standard process as well as Advanced level

·        Should have a working experience in creating web services, fetching the data to vendor form, and configuring Mid-Tier

·        Should possess sound knowledge to use the data management tool to update the values in bulk

Why companies hire ServiceNow professionals?

ServiceNow professionals are hired for their ability to execute cloud computing tools and tasks with ease within an organisation. For companies looking to subcontract their help desk staff and technology, it is crucial to choose a service provider like ServiceNow that provides a service management platform in the cloud is of dire importance.

There are numerous benefits of using ServiceNow for ITSM in a business:

1.     Maintain Transparency:

ServiceNow offers full-data access to the users and also allows users to maintain responsibility and confidence in their projects.

2.     Portability:

Through ServiceNow users can easily access and retrieve data anywhere and at any given time. Besides, enduring flexibility allows users to modify any given data.

3.     Control

ServiceNow lets users measure vendor service level performance. Unlike other complicated tools, ServiceNow allows users to access data whenever they want.

How to become a ServiceNow professional?

ServiceNow is a decade old organisation but in no time this skill has garnered much attention over the years. Remarkably, there isn’t sufficient information on the internet about how to become a ServiceNow Professional.

To become a ServiceNow Professional one has to know the basics of JavaScript. In ServiceNow these can be – client-side and server side. An individual must have a thorough knowledge of JavaScript to execute coding in ServiceNow tool.

Besides knowing JavaScript, it is essential that a ServiceNow aspirant shows interest in learning about ITIL.

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