Few tips on how a team outing can boost employee morale

Published on Dec 5, 2017

Employees are the most valuable tangible assets to any organisation. Leaving them out from any business situation can lead an organisation to lose its best talent. An organisation must understand that without hard work of each and every employee, a task would never get done, customers wouldn’t be satisfied and the management would cease to exist. Employees are crucial to running any business successfully.

Welcoming a new employee on board can be an intimidating task, and then keeping a team together can equally be a daunting task. A team lead should ensure their team works and functions as one unit so they yield considerable and consistent outcomes in the future. Thus, to make certain this consistency, it is essential that team outings and building activities are important as it is said to boost employee morale. Here are some reasons as to why team outings are very important:

·        Enhanced communication:

As known to most of us recruiters, communication usually follows a hierarchical structure within a team. Although the flow of communication is transactional, team members at times aren’t open about themselves to their team. A team outing can break the ice and help recruiters to know each other on a personal level. Team building activities teach each recruiter how to interact and communication in the best possible way. While some recruiters might have a more straightforward approach to communication, others may prefer more professional ways – a team outing can definitely bridge both professional and personal gaps in communication.

·        Bringing the creative side of recruiters:

Working continuously for hours at a stretch can curb creativity in employees, especially for recruiters. Storytelling and pitching job descriptions to candidates involves a great amount of creativity and uniqueness. A monotonous routine can hamper progress thereby leading to poor outcomes and few conversions. A day out with some fun-filled activities with the team will give them a fresh outlook, help them analyse, innovate and give them ideas to enhance their work style.

 As mentioned earlier, team outings foster professional relationships with other team member or perhaps other departments, which in return, help recruiters change their working styles. A team outing also buoys up workplace partnership as team members would be working side by side to accomplish any given task.

·        Helps the team evaluate their strengths and weaknesses:

A group activity during an outing enables recruiters to showcase their set of skills and also allow them to identify their hidden skill sets. Whether it shows a robust communication effort or a weak team collaboration, a group activity will reveal exactly where one stands, in terms of their team and organisation. These activities will also help team members leverage each other’s skills while executing a given task and concealing each other’s weaknesses.

·        Honing problem-solving skills:

A team outing lets employees think out of the box and hone their attitude towards any problem they come across. Besides, a team outing is not only sight-seeing but more of entertainment and fun-filled activities. By being a part of such interactive activities, employees learn to come up with ideas that help them solve issues they might not have faced before. They learn to equip themselves with abilities that could help them, both professionals and personally.

·        Offering new avenues to learn:

Team outings are always a learning experience for many. It gives employees, in this case, recruiters, to learn about the skills and talents of their colleagues they might not have had a chance to experience earlier. It provides them a perfect opportunity to interact with their colleagues, discuss ideas and gain new insights into the field of recruitment.

Spending a designated amount of time with the team can bring about a positive change in their work environment. Employees get a chance to review their mistakes, learn and engage themselves with their peers. According to experts, a once in while team outing or group activity can enhance productivity within an organisation and also reduce attrition.