Are you using social media recruiting to its full extent?

Published on Dec 12, 2017

Social media recruiting and talent hunt are highly associated these days with organisations that welcome social media as part of their recruiting model. There are a few companies that do not use social media, but the current technology has pushed them to adopt social media as a means to recruit new talent.

Although the high prevalence of social media these days, recruiters show a high dependency on job boards to recruit talent. One of the prime reasons being – their inability to source or find relevant profiles. True to the fact, recruiters these days aren’t in a position to source niche skills or rather any other talent because they simply aren’t aware of social media analytics that go into recruiting the best talent. Besides, organisations also prevent recruiters from using social media considering its usage as waste of time and recreational. However, no organisation can evaluate the effectiveness of such platforms without even trying it.

A recruiter must be agile and very versatile while using social media. They must have a good knowledge about social media platforms, where to recruit professionals and whom to target. Searching talent through social media helps both internal recruiters and agency based recruiters to find the right match, which is a very important concern in hiring. 

Here are a few social media sites that are considered good for recruitment:


LinkedIn is known for its professional networking and of course recruitment and sourcing. Many recruiters till today have no clue as to how to use LinkedIn as a recruitment platform. Unlike regular job portals, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with professionals thereby recruiting the best talent. Paid LinkedIn accounts give recruiters an opportunity to directly message professionals through InMail. 

Recruiters can enhance their search by using LinkedIn premium. By doing this, they get a good chance of meeting the right match. They get numerous search options which makes recruiting simpler. Besides, the search and job posting options let recruiters to brand their company and target relevant profiles. 


This platform is one of the most sought after by all recruiters. Facebook has turned out to be a great business tool not only for recruitment but other business functions such as marketing and operations. 

Recruiters prefer Facebook to other social media due to its visibility and choice of profiles. Besides, it is a great way to connect to end number of candidates – both experienced and freshers, who are currently looking for jobs. 

Facebook as a social media platform allows recruiters to also brand their company. The reach per post in extensive and can create a good brand awareness strategy for companies.


Another, but not yet a popular social media platform for recruiting. Many recruiters are taking to Quora for finding the talented professionals. Over the years, Quora has gained tremendous amount of popularity due to its pool of experts giving answers to almost anything asked. 

However, Quora might not be an ideal platform for recruiters because profiles have privacy settings thereby making it difficult for recruiters to make contact. But recruiters could always search names of these profiles on LinkedIn or even Facebook. 

Quora as a recruitment platform is also ideal to for finding niche skills talent or experienced talent because most profiles who provide users with answer are either industry experts or having a good amount of experience in a particular domain.


Unlike other social media platforms, GitHub is platform that allows users to showcase their talent by displaying their works and projects. IT recruiters who have a good knowledge about assessing projects can enrol themselves on this platform and source credible profiles. The visibility of profiles allow recruiters to assess and judge candidates whether they are right fit to their organisation. Similarly, platforms such as Dribble and Behance are best to source graphic designers and UI/UX Designers. There are plenty of other such platforms that give recruiters a large option to choose from.

Social media recruiting is rife in the HR industry. Emerging platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are unconventional means of recruitment. But in the present scenario, recruiters are constantly following trends and adopting novel methods to hire the best talent through social media. 

Recruiters should be volatile and adaptive to new trends as it can help them move ahead of competition. For instance, social media hiring is the ongoing trend but maybe in the future, chatbots might pave for recruitment. Hence, it is essential for a recruiter to follow up with latest technology and select the best option that suits their recruitment model.