5 tips that will help recruiters find the best talent

Published on Nov 24, 2017

Are you struggling to make a closure? Is that impacting the way you work? Do not fret, here are 5 tips that will help you close the deal and help you emerge as a star in your team!

Communication is an integral part of everyday work. For seamless work delivery, communication is essential. Similarly for a recruiter communication plays a huge role in closing several requirements. Be it verbal or non-verbal, written or spoken – every aspect of communication is a dire need for a success in a project.

One of the most challenging task is to deal with potential job-seekers. Convincing them with exceptional communication skills is a skill in itself. However, many fail at this juncture and are unable to close any positions. Here are few tips that will help you understand the underlying aspect of your work:

Learn the art of communication!

Do you know why recruiters fail to bring the best out of their abilities? The answer to this is their inability to communicate effectively. While engaging with candidates, most recruiters blurt out job option to the candidates. For a fresher it might sound fine, but while recruiting a mid-level manager, this kind of an attitude might send off the wrong signal. Besides clear communication and confidence are the two key traits required and if a recruiter lacks them, then they are of no use to an agency.

Some of the best ways to enhance your communication is to:

·        Practice: practice simple communication skills. As the saying goes practice make a person perfect, you need to practice your communication on a regular basis. Read simple stories or a paragraph from a magazine every day and within no time you will start noticing the difference.

·        Observe: emulating is an art by itself. By observing your peers, you will understand the way they engage with job-seekers.

·        Engage: interact with your peers regarding a requirement. The more you engage, the larger the chances of being like them.

·        Speak effectively: Be articulate and state your intentions clearly. Do not beat around the bush while speaking to prospective candidates. Introduce yourself, be polite and tell them about the job and lastly, assure them on feedback. Avoid humour at all costs.

·        Be grateful: Always thank job-seekers for their availability. Remember, they are giving their precious time out in order to speak to you. Also when a job-seeker is rude, politely respond and engage in no further arguments as it can lead to negative brand-image of your company.