The Hiring Hiccup of 2020 - Gender Diversity for IT Services Industry in India

Published on Jul 22, 2019

Although there are an equal number or slightly more of women and men at the start line of IT services employment race; very small portion of the women make is past and enter the middle management crossroads. There are 3 times more men than women in IT Services and Product companies. This is a bitter statement to accept in the midst of active movements like gender equality and women empowerment.

“Less than 18% of the existing leaderships roles in IT Services industry are women”

We are at a point to simply question our approach towards women hiring/employment at all levels of experience across verticals and horizontals. Gender bias is here, and we have to accept it that we have such a primitive thinking process; and to top it all, it is difficult to prove the existence of gender bias. It has been only a derivative of the diversity figures we have today. 

If you think why there is such a low proportion of the women in such jobs are marriage, additional responsibilities, pregnancy, motherhood, career breaks etc, but again as aptly mentioned at the start, it is only a notion, today we have witnessed amazing, passionate, successful women who are breaking the notions and influencing the women around the world.

Of late, most of the IT services multinational majors like Accenture, Capgemini, IBM, Tata Consultancy and many others have started a hiring spree for women workforce particularly at the middle management and leadership roles where there is an evident negative and low numbers of gender parity.

Julie Sweet – In July 2019, Accenture appointed Sweet as its new CEO, with this appointment of a women in its apex position, Accenture among very few peers has changed the nature of corporate leadership roles towards diversity and inclusiveness.

Today a hard push to the diversity is felt to the likes of executive search firms like EMA partners, Korn Ferry, Egon Zehnder, said its customers were progressively laying out roles exclusively for women, Meanwhile others are stressing on having more female candidates when it comes to considering for any role or technology. To an extent, gender diversity hiring in any leadership role is given flexibility in the location provided the company has its operation in the candidate’s location if the candidate is Women only! 

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