Role of SAP HANA Professionals in an Organisation

Published on Jan 4, 2018

SAP HANA is an interpersonal database management system that stocks data in memory rather than on traditional hard drives. The term is used in tandem with ‘big data’ for boosting processes in business, data retrieval and analytics.

SAP – the commercial software company has made a faster data processing software called Hana. This software is known to combine tremendous amount of significant data and also has the ability to develop desired results for the business at a much faster rate. Hana software becomes a very attractive option to promote the firm’s data processing capabilities when managed bulk data increases beyond the possibility of traditional data analysis.

The Origins of SAP HANA:

During the earlier stages of SAP HANA development, numerous other technologies were either developed or acquired by SAP. Some of these technologies include – TREX search engine, P*TIME and MaxDB. The first demonstration of the platform was in the year 2008. A team constituting of SAP SE, Stanford University and the Hasso Plattner Institute demonstrated an application architecture for real-time aggregation and analytics. Prior to the name HANA, people called this product as “Database". The product software was earlier called "SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance".

Roles and Responsibilities of a SAP HANA Professional

Since working on SAP requires a considerable experience, it is expected of a candidate o know certain technical languages and technology itself before implementing the software;

  • A SAP HANA professional should have a strong BW Development skills – in the areas of Extraction, Transformation & Loading
  • Should have sound knowledge in BEx Reporting
  • They must know Data Modeling skills using LSA, LSA ++ architecture
  • A good knowledge in OO ABAP programming for handling routines is required.
  • Knowledge in existing SAP modules is desirable
  • They should be involved with Change Requests and Project development work
  • SAP HANA professional should provide impact analysis and estimates for proposed changes to the configuration and contribute ideas for continuous improvement to the solution
  • They are required to assist to develop functional specification for approved change requests

How to be become a SAP HANA Professional?

Becoming a successful SAP HANA professional is quite a task, but with consistent perseverance and dedication one can overcome these challenges and emerge as a successful professional in the domain. Before venturing into the domain, an individual must keep a tap of certain qualities that need to be checked, which are:

  • Good configuration skills
  • Quality assessment and documentation
  • Understanding of business process knowledge
  • And; ability to handle client tasks and upcoming requirement

It is also essential to undergo SAP HANA training before venturing into the domain. Attaining a SAP HANA certification is necessary because a certification would bridge the gap between the individual and their skills. Besides, a certification will probably promote existing skills and offer better marketability. A SAP HANA certification will support an individual in their professional endeavours.

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