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How to employee placement agencies work?

One of the most intriguing yet fascinating features of employment placement agencies is their versatility in executing hiring services efficiently. Many company HRs are stunned by the mere fact that a placement agency can source profiles within minutes of receiving the order. Besides, a placement agency not only screens profiles but also brings to the fore opportunities where companies get to reviewing their own hiring process and implement recommendations given by professional full-time recruiters.

This piece of write-up will guide HR enthusiasts through the wonderful world of recruitment and offer information regarding hiring techniques and other miscellaneous tasks conducted by a full-fledged popular placement agency.


One of the prime tasks of a placement agency is to source quality profiles for clients. Sourcing is the primary activity of every professional job placement agencies. It is a startling fact that many firms aren’t in a position to understand how recruitment agents’ source profiles in a jiffy. Every placement agency is different and follow varied methodologies to source profiles

Here at Han Digital, we have our own internal database that helps us source the best of profiles.


Hiring services are a must in every employment placement agencies. Each agency has its own unique recruitment services which enables companies to choose depending on the requirement they have.

For instance, Han Digital entails a gamut of recruitment services that assist their clients to choose from. The assortment of hiring services ranging from sourcing to talent mapping and research makes Han Digital unique and special in its own little ways.


Besides the primary activities evident in professional job placement agencies, it is essential to know more in detail about the internal methodologies adopted by inbound professional recruiters.

In most employment placement agencies, the onus lies on how the team lead of recruiters take ahead a proposal. However, the client on the other hand also has a say in the services rendered. A client might ask for sample profiles or a recruitment agent might insist on sharing quality profiles before signing the deal and so on and so forth.

Thus, the notion that a recruitment agency only deals with “hiring” is a totally false. There is more to the services offered other than recruitment.