Notice Period

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How to deal with an outgoing employee serving their notice period

One of the most complex tasks a company faces when an employee hands over their resignation is the continuous offering of professional assistance during the notice period. An employee’s notice period could range from 15 days to 30 days and some may even last for 60 days, depending on their experience and contribution toward the company. However, as a company on the receiving end, it is a manager’s sole duty to regulate termination of an employee by ensuring a smooth exist from the firm. When an employee is serving their notice period, the company must protect their rights and refrain from any psychological harassment.

Companies without proper HR policies face the complexities in handling employee exist. Start-ups for instance have trouble dealing with employees serving their notice period. If one reads through Glassdoor negative reviews of former start-up employees, it can ascertained that most of them aren’t treated as expected during their notice period.

In order to maintain a good work culture and brand image, it is essential that a company assists employees during their notice period.

Here are a few things that a company must take into consideration while handling employees who are serving their notice period:

Legal Aspects:

Serving the notice period is must to all employees. It’s a period where the company prepares documents while simultaneously recording employee performance and contribution during their stay in the office. Always consider notice period as legally bound intangible document and any such violations of this document could lead either of the party liable for seeking justice the courts of India. Therefore, treat employees serving notice period professionally and ensure their smooth exit.

Routine Work:

As long as your employee is serving their notice period, they are legally bound to your company. Do not offer special treatment or display negative behaviour just because they have resigned from their former position. They should continue to work on projects and assignments they were previously allotted.


When an employee seeks helps, it is the duty of the management to support them with necessary help and aid. Similarly, when an employee is serving their notice period, ensure they do not face problems or have trouble in generating documents required for their exit. Never shun employees but assist them during their exit.

Successful Exit:

Managers must provide positive assistance to help an outgoing employee. By constantly motivating them, providing references and other documents essential to their new job and company, is a best way to maintain cordial relations even after an employee quits. Also it is your duty to check whether the paper work is done efficiently and hassle free.