IT Contract Staffing Demand in Digital Skills

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The growth of digital demand and revenue increases need of digital skills across India. It influence increase IT recruitment across digital technologies in large scale and demand of digital talent is 5 times more than what it exist in the market. Han Digital “Digital skill demand and hiring growth” research identifies IT companies doesn’t have much bench strength on permanent resources for the hot digital skills in the recent times.

We see 7 out of 10 IT companies looking for immediate contract staffing for various digital skills and most of the Tier II & III IT organizations are in looking for immediate staffing for their customer digital transformation deals. UIUX, DevOps, FullStack and Robotic Process Automations (RPA) demands more staffing and the demand doubled than last year across Bangalore, Pune and Delhi/NCR location. Top 5 digital skills increasing contract staffing demand and growing upwards.

Top Digital Skills

Approx FTE HC

Contract Staffing %

Full stack Development






Commerce Skills






Big Data/Advanced Analytics

> 50,000



‘Skill considerations and relevant experience considered based on industry hiring trends and reach us for more clarity’

60% of more than 1,50,000 hot digital talent pool is very niche and are high trade skills in the market. Large and specialized organizations already focusing on lateral hirings, contract staffing and hire & train model for these hot skills in India. Hiring vanilla skills with 3+yrs experience and train them on specific digital skills in the market which become billable in 2-3weeks time rather hiring fresh graduates.

Top 5 hot trade skills demand various role play which differ from company to company and many companies want to hire hands on professionals to support digital initiatives but face an extremely competitive hiring environment and low unemployment. This turns employers to have contract staffing for short run or contract-hire model for long run need. It is so important that, employers need to make sure job descriptions are realistic versus aspirational to draw in suitable candidates from the market” said Saran, Founder & CEO of HAN Digital Solution.

Overall Digital skills talent pool expected to increase more than 16% at same time contract staffing pool also will increase more than 13% an average. Contract staffing players will yield more revenue if they have bench resources for digital technologies, but market looks tough where limited talent availability. Staffing firms has to invest to train resources with programming / coding ready on new age skills sets can provide more relevant deployments.

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