Why must start-ups render an RPO service!

As a start-up, did you ever come across a situation where you were unable to solve employee problems related to job satisfaction, their working hours, culture, personal matters etc.?

Employee problems are initial signs that your start-up is slowly transitioning into a mid-sized company. As more and more employees join you, the larger your organisation gets and handling a large crowd by one single HR professional or the CEO themselves in no cake walk.

Ten employees are bound to have 10 different problems and solving each will take you ages.

So in such circumstances, how do you deal with it? The solution to your problem is hiring an RPO service from a credible talent consulting agency.

What is an RPO?

RPOs are generally considered an extension of an organisation’s Human Resources Department. The services are modified and designed as per company requirements. Here the external agency claims ownership of the entire recruitment process. In brief, RPOs enable companies to promote their own brand rather than their own.

As mentioned above, RPOs are generally an extension of your HR department or can simply become an HR department to your company.

How to select an RPO agency?

Selecting an RPO is an extremely tedious affair. You must ensure that the RPO you select entails services as per your needs and wants. Here is a list of tips that will help you find out the best RPO for your company:

  • Size

RPOs come in different sizes namely – small, moderate and large. Based on your hiring needs, you can choose an RPO that suits your company. Besides you can also customise an RPO service as per your needs and demands. In this way, you can add or cancel services as and when required.

  • Service methodology

Try to understand the services they offer. At times, most RPOs bring in an additional baggage of services which is unnecessary. Make an effort to enquire about the techniques used, the database employed, hiring services, professionals hired etc. At times, some RPOs can deliberately refine your recruitment methodologies to suit their working patterns.

  • Background of RPO provider

Before signing a deal with RPO providers, make sure you at least get two references or clients they might have worked with in the past or are presently working with. This will help you to prevent your company from engaging with recruitment agencies with a poor service record. Besides, also look at online reviews and testimonials for further clarification.

  • Service commitment

Lastly, it is a must that you measure an RPO’s commitment to service through constant monitoring and updates. This will let you decide whether to empanel with them in future recruitment drives. An RPO must achieve their target with ease and efficiency. An RPO which does not employ innovative methods is a sign that they are outdated and cannot be worked with in the future.

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