Tips to improve Candidate Management in your selection process

As part of my job, I need to interact with recruitment teams on a weekly basis to understand how they serve our clients. While doing the usual rounds, I overheard Mounika, our top talent consultant’s, conversation with a candidate. She was guiding them through our client Selection and Recruitment Process.


What caught my attention was the manner in which she confronted the candidate over and over again. She told me the candidate was frustrated about interview rounds in the hiring process and was disinterested to proceed further. I asked why? And she said because of the 3 hour long wait in the selection process.


From the incident, I was shocked as we were losing a candidate and good source of talent for our client. I realised that frustrated candidates can negatively impact a company’s brand image. And HR personnel must to their best to reduce this issue.


There aren’t much guidelines and content on candidate management, therefore, I decided to write about it — a practice which most companies have failed to understand.


Why is there a need to manage applicants?


There is always a question as to why do we need to manage applicants. Since, we select XYZ individuals as per our requirements, why should we bother addressing their needs? Well, here’s your answer.


As HR professionals you deal with several people on a daily basis. Sometimes, the inflow of people during recruitment is significantly high making it difficult for you to deal with them.


In the process, you pursue what is best for you and chose to ignore the needs of your applicants. But as professionals, you must understand that “people” form a major component of your company brand image and ignoring their needs can cost your company a fortune.


Here are a few tips on dealing with applicants during the hiring process:


• Be polite and receive every applicant with a smile


A smile can change lives. No applicant will feel comfortable sitting before a grumpy recruiter and interacting with them. Be courteous and smile occasionally while interviewing the candidate. This will help them open up to you and allow you to discuss relevant pointers in the job description.


• Enhance the lobby/ or waiting area


Often applicants are made to wait during the recruitment process. Making them wait for hours can get them frustrated. Nobody wants to waste time. If the hiring process/interview is long, inform your applicants in advance. Pay frequent visits to the waiting area or send your assistants to interact with applicants. Enhance your lobby with a television, include magazines, journals, and newspapers to keep them busy.


• Avoid Personal Conflict


Every applicant is unique and different. Their interest levels may vary and their attitude towards a job profile can be different. Listen to them patiently and nod occasionally for what they have to say. Avoid minor scuffles which might get personal. You don’t want them to belittle your company on Glassdoor and Google Reviews.


• Feedback


Giving feedback and receiving the same is crucial for you to understand applicant behaviour. It lets you map applicants/talent in the future. It will help you as well as the candidates to rethink their approach and prepare themselves for similar opportunities.


If an applicant is not a right fit for a requirement, do not drive them away. Instead, redirect them to another hiring manager where their skills might be valued the most.


Most applicants appreciate clear communication and transparency. After all, they took some time off their busy schedule to help your company. Shouldn’t you be the best to return the favour by offering them clear and valuable feedback?


Candidate management is crucial for your organisation to earn brownie points. It elicits a much positive picture about your company.


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