Tips for recruiters to deal with aggressive candidates

You might have come across situations where potential job-seekers slammed the phone in your face or had an unending argument accusing you of false notifications. This is a very common behaviour, every recruiter experiences over the phone.

According to industrial psychologists, this aggressive behaviour displayed by candidates is an indication of job frustration and an extreme case of narcissism.

A narcissistic candidate always prides upon their current job and any individual below their level is considered low and unworthy of good treatment.

Narcissistic candidates are also known as dropouts as they are known to attend interviews, give commitments and then never bother to join. This usually creates a rift between the recruiter and their client. It not only mars the reputation of the organisation but also brings down the brand-image of the recruitment firm.

So, in such instances what must a recruiter actually do?

Here are a few points that will help you avoid such candidates:

Scrutinize the profile:

Once you fish the profile from various online portals, the next step is to evaluate the profile. By thoroughly examining the profile, you get an idea about the candidate, their job history etc. Always look for indicators such as job-hopping behaviour or gaps. This will help you filter non-credible profiles.

Speak to candidates:

Even after scrutinising, you feel that the profiles are fit the job description, call them up to find out how they accept your call. Learn from their pauses. If they seem to agree; continue the call. Similarly, if they counter argue its best to avoid such profiles and move on to the next.

Get an assurance:

If the candidate you spoke to is willing to attend the interview, you need to get an assurance from their end. This is very important, as a recruiter you must get a verbal or written assurance from selected candidates.

The reason being their failure to attend the interview can cost heavily to your organisation. Also, a recruiter must constantly follow-up with such candidates to ensure they do not drop out from the list.

Stay calm:

At times, when most experienced candidates revert rudely, you tend to panic. In such situations it’s best to remain calm and composed. You must always try and seek the best even if you come across 100 unwanted profiles. There is a possibility of at least one genuine candidate turning up.

Good luck and happy recruiting!