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How passive candidates get you more offers than active job-seekers

Unlike active candidates, passive candidates are the most sought after resources in the job industry as they are known for their stability, contribution and performance in their respective company. However, in this day and age, novice recruitment professionals aren’t in a position to source passive candidates for niche requirements.

Serial job hoppers: a menace to recruiters!

Candidates are the most prized possessions in the recruitment industry. As recruiters, we make it a point to track the progress of each candidate we place with our clients. We take regular updates and information regarding their growth and performance in the organisation.

The renege phenomenon – a recruiter’s perspective – Part 1

Recently, I overheard one of the team leads repeat “reneging on job… reneged” over the phone with a client. Though I knew what it meant, I wondered why the team lead used ‘renege’ in this context!

Tips for recruiters to deal with aggressive candidates

You might have come across situations where potential job-seekers slammed the phone in your face or had an unending argument accusing you of false notifications. This is a very common behaviour, every recruiter experiences over the phone.

5 tips that will help recruiters find the best talent

Are you struggling to close a requirement? Is that impacting the way you work? Do not fret, here are 5 tips that will help you close the deal and make you an ace recruiter in your team.

The common myths associated with recruitment

According to renowned industrial psychologists and researchers, every wrong choice in recruitment costs the organisation double the actual cost of recruiting a particular talent. Generally, companies today are experimenting with recruitment functions in terms of technology, social media enterprises, and other relative external and internal factors.

The importance of talent mobility in an organisation

As intense competition to recruit the best talent is scaling unprecedented heights, many organisations are now investing their time in looking for renewed methods of attracting, retaining and even developing talent. Some have gone to the extent of promoting their achievements through social media thinking it might attract the best talent.

Why should a candidate opt to work with a start-up?

“The moment I mention start-ups, candidates hang up on me. It is really upsetting, since they know little about how start-ups work and function,” said our recruiter at Han Digital Solution.
Well not only the recruiters face such problems, but as a Team Lead, even I found it very difficult to convince candidates as they were hesitant to work in a start-up environment.