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Employee value proposition
6 tips to attract business as a Recruitment Consultant

The recruitment industry is not about hiring applicants. There is more to it. My friends often ask me about the role I play in a recruitment firm. As they are aware that I have always been passionate about Marketing, they find it hard to imagine me working with an HR & recruitment firm.

Employee value proposition
Why is there a need for Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Sheela, an entrepreneur of a medium sized enterprise*, is currently thriving in her business ventures. Her company’s revenue increased by 25% in the last 2 years. She is undertaking new projects and is planning to expand her business across India.

Retention strategy
4 reasons as to why talent mobility is important!

Ever wondered why employees leave an organisation even after being offered the most lucrative package. Well, one of the most profound reason is — people expect something beyond monetary benefits.

Retention strategy
The Golden Triangle Approach to Hiring: How can you find the Best Talent?

Employees are one of the most valuable assets of any organisation. They drive your business to success and are an important element in brand building. They represent you and your company.

Competency mapping
How HR Projects can benefit from Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping, when implemented in Human Resources (HR) services such as recruitment, talent acquisition etc., can benefit a company in numerous ways. Before discussing further, let us familiarize ourselves with the term Competency Mapping.

Talent acquisition
4 trends in Talent Acquisition you need to know

In the recent years, talent acquisition has undergone major changes. With the growing amount of people engaging on social media, it has never been easier to screen applicants online.

Retention strategy
5 reasons why infographic resumes might not be a good idea?

Recently I went through dozens of resumes for a client. My client was looking for a UX Director. Out of 30 odd candidates, only 8 used infographics resumes.

Talent analytics
Are you loosing your offered candidates to your competition merely for few thousands? – Apply basics in Navigating C&B

After a tiring selection and assessment process, you think you have shortlisted a Rockstar. The salary that you plan to offer her is lower than what she expects.

Talent analytics
Hiring with Empathy and Why It Matters to Companies?

EMPATHY is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes without getting emotionally involved.In Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, Atticus Finch famously said:

HR Strategy
The emerging winners of India’s Demonetization drive: 5 exciting Fintech Startups you should look out for

Until November 8, 2016, Demonetization was not even a word know to the common man until Prime Minister Modi addressed.