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Is social media the right platform to vent out frustration?

How often have you had a tiff with your boss? How often have you disagreed with your company on certain projects? And how often have you dragged your colleagues to vent the frustration and boiling rage out to them?

5 reasons good employees leave and how to prevent them?

The focus from managing finances has slowly shifted to managing employees. Companies believe that employee performance and engagement play a significant role in revenue generation.

6 methods to promote internal talent mobility in your company

Recruitment is not merely about hiring external talent, it also takes into consideration the performance and well-being of employees. Internal talent plays a crucial role in attrition management. An effective talent mobility programme assures to retain employees by honing their skills and taking care of their requirements.

Why is background verification crucial prior to hiring?

Recently, an HR of a tier 2 company told me his company was having a tough time dealing with the employees. His organisation sacked two employees for their misconduct and behaviour towards fellow employees. Moreover, it was found that one of them was also involved in criminal activities.